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Steering Committee

The 99% Working Group, Ltd. is a not-for-profit organization founded under the laws of the State of New York. The function of the Working Group Steering Committee is to raise money to pay for the election of dlegeates and the venue where they will meet as Continental Congress 2.0 in Philadelphia. The Steering Committee is also helping in the planning of the the operation of the Congress and voting system. For more information about fundraising efforts, please see our financial transparency page.

The Steering Committee will also enforce the election rules and be the final arbiter of any disputes between delegates or third parties. While we are a not-for-profit group, donations are not tax-deductible because we are not, nor have we ever been, an educational organization.  Our sole purpose is to change the corrupt poltical system in the United States by utilizing and applying our laws, our Constitution and the will of our People who will not be defeated by greed and money.

The Steering Committee of the 99% Working Group are:

Kian Barabi- (CA) Delegate Candidate, Speakers and Housing

Gena Mason- (CA) Delegate Candidate, Steering Committee Member at Large

Dawn Hale- (KY) Delegate Candidate, Finance and Congress organization

Alex Easton Brown- (CA) Delegate Candidate and Congress organization

Julio Figueroa(PR) Delegate Candidate, Podcast, Congress organization

Farrell Parker- (WA) Volunteer Coordinator

Robert Manning- (CA) Steering Committee Member at Large and Delegate Candidate







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