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Organizer's Toolkit

The 99% Declaration Presentation

Doing a presentation on the 99% Declaration? The purpose of the presentation layout is to provide visual cues as you share The 99% Declaration with an audience or group.

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Learn How to Use Social Media for your Campaign

Social Media can be an excellent way to get the word out about your campaign to be elected a Delegate to the National General Assembly - Continental Congress 2.0.

You may remember all the buzz about Obama's success with social media in the 2008 election. This installment on the Organizer's Toolkit contains the links to info on the tools you need to get up to speed on using Social Media to connect with your constituents and get elected. 

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Coming Together in a Movement of Movements

The 99% Declaration provides a rare opportunity to bring together the various organizations fighting diligently on behalf of critically important single issues in a potential "Movement of Movements" to garner widespread support for issues many of us agree need to be addressed and redressed immediately.

The more our voices join together in unison, the more they will be heard.  At this time of crisis in our democracy, we must unite our disparate causes into a single effort wherever our interests intersect to quickly correct the course of our country and restore democracy BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE.

Please invite the organizations you are involved in - it's easy with our draft letter.  Just copy and fill in or replace the information where appropriate and send!

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Organize Locally to Build to the National General Assembly

The 99% Declaration election will require the participation of people and groups across the country to be successful. Thank you for your interest in working locally towards this important and historically unprecedented event! 

This toolkit provides guidance on how to organize in your local community, region or state, and how to implement successful campaigns that will move all of us closer to our long-term goal of real democracy in the United States. We invite you to use the suggestions and documents provided in this toolkit and to adapt them to your local needs.

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Invite Organization Advocates to Support Their Grievances

When a prominent local, state or national organization states its support for a 99% Declaration grievance and our effort to change our country's political system, this can educate its own members and also attract press coverage. You can encourage organizations to endorse The 99% Declaration and to run their own Delegate Candidates. 

Few things are more effective in building a large network of support than connecting with other already established groups or organizations in a "Movement of Movements". These groups have done the groundwork of building a following, so by linking in with their group, you gain access to a large number of already active people. And since the need for complete system change is at the heart of so many issues, there are likely many groups interested in the grievances of the 99% Declaration.

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State Coordinators

Hi all, each state must elect or appoint a state coordinator to hold weekly conference calls with the delegate candidates. Please contact me with the name and email contact with your state coordinators.  You may be a delegate, voter or volunteer to hold this job.  We need to register voters, fill empty seats and work on each state's top ten grievances. 

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The 99% Spring is on it's way! Your country needs YOU!

Greetings patriots and revolutionaries!

We've made so much progress!  The venue is paid for and more than half of the election costs are now covered.  Funding for the election of delegates is still needed and we hope to help Delegate Candidates more with their campaigns and travel expenses. Please help us if you can afford it. Donations may be made here through PayPal or by sending a check through the mail to: The 99% Declaration, P.O. Box 190, Red Hook, NY 12571. Support the Delegate Candidates by donating here to the blind trust.

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work to change the electoral, tax, education, healthcare, economy and social system? 

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Fire Up Your Campaign

Dear Delegate Candidates:

Thank you for participating in drafting this historic document, The 99% Declaration, by, of and for the PEOPLE. Our country needs you!

Read this post for the latest news and ideas to fire up your campaign...

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The 99% Declaration Talking Points for the Media

Here are some media interviews that have been done and can be reviewed by Candidates to help conduct interviews with the media:

Michael Pollok on removing corporate money from politics on the Dr. Helen Caldicott "If You Love This Planet" 

Michael Pollok on Thom Hartmann

Click read more below for some video.

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How to Start a Movement

Doing outreach in your community for the 99% Declaration?  Have the courage to be the lone nut! And embrace your first follower....

Watch this for some humorous inspiration!

Derek Sivers: How to start a movement (just 3 minutes)

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